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30th-Jan-2015 08:53 pm - I'm still here
It's been a week. Condo HOA annual meeting Tuesday, followed by working late the next nights for Inventory and Year End at work. Worked through lunch, and totally finished doing the year end closing by 5:00. woot. BossLady came around with W2s at 5:00, laughing merrily that she had til tomorrow to hand them out.

So. When I left work, I had prescribed myself port and good ice cream after supper. And I'm sitting here reading social media, and realized the cat was lapping my port! And when I shouted, full of aghastment, he knocked it off the table, and it landed on the floor right side up, with most of it still in the glass. Whut?
I still need that drink.

By the way, the cat is named Mayhem
4th-Nov-2012 01:31 pm - Autumn colors
Silly owl
The other day I was thinking about autumn and the changing colors, and remembered that the colors are present all along, but are masked by the green in the leaves, and then it occurred to me that that’s how society is to me. I grew up in Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s, never seeing children my age of other races. And foreigners? The girl whose family moved from Chicago to Birmingham was foreign to us. All I experienced in daily life and on television was masked by all being the same race. Now, it’s as if the masking has dropped and I can see all the differences, not just race and nationality, but all sorts of other differences.

I love this time of year, and I love that now I see more of the world and the people who are here with me.
22nd-Sep-2011 06:37 pm - In search of faire music
Silly owl
A friend of mine here at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (GARF) worked at the Pennsylvania Renn Faire (PARF) about 20 - 22 years ago, and had saved her copy of the rehearsal tape. She loaned it to someone who turned out to be a major jerk and he threw it away.

I've steered her toward AFR on Facebook, but thought I'd put the word out here. In her words, it's the "faire songs tape recorded for the Bacchanalian acting company's use in either 1989 or 1990 by Alix Baillie, Karen Fleming, and Todd Fleming for the PA Faire."

Pass this along, if you would please! She's on my flist, and thanks you all. She really wants the tape or its clone, if anyone knows of a copy.

23rd-Jul-2011 04:44 pm - Catnip mousies
Silly owl

These two adorable cartoon mice are courtesy of shadowycat who has a deft hand with pens, and a warped sense of humor about cats. And it is the banner for my shop on Etsy!

I've been making catnip mousies for Raven's Nest Herbals at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for ten years, and with my boothowner's permission and blessing, am going to start selling them on my own during the rest of the year. I made and sold over 200 of these beasties this spring -- twice what I did in 2003. The catnip is incredibly intense, and all the different prints and colors of the mousies are pleasant to handle whilst deciding.

I've set up a small shop on Etsy called the Listening Corner. It's a place holder, mostly, quick and inexpensive, but it is a place to see some of what I make.

Now, I'm looking for small local craft shows for the baby steps into selling on my own. And here are some of the mousies!Collapse )
9th-May-2011 08:54 pm - Halfway through 2011 GARF randomness
Silly owl

My new costume is not glamorous, but it is very comfortable and I am happy in it. It was time to cease being mutton dressed as lamb. I have had the rust linen in my stash for years, and finally put scissors to it and sewed it up! No time to do an underdress, and my old reliable chemise looked like underwear, not an underdress, but lo! and behold! I found an ancient green Heart's Delight chemise from my first years at faire and it works perfectly.

So far, we've had lovely weather, and it hasn't been truly hot yet.

Yesterday morning as I was driving around behind the site to get to the booth, I stopped and waved a costumed man across towards the jousters' lair, and he waved thanks. No big deal, no drama, but I noticed because it is so darned rare to get a thanks from people out in the normal world. I let people cross in front of me at the grocery, or merge in ahead of me in traffic, or step aside and make room in a hall, and thanks are rare. And I realized that is one thing I love about Faire -- we still connect as human beings even in that small way.

I saw a witty tattoo in our shop! Young woman in cutoff jeans, pretty but not attention-grabbing, had bows on the back of her legs, just below the shorts -- right where a garter would fasten stockings.

I had much more to write about, but will remember them later.

16th-Mar-2011 07:57 pm - Some links
Silly owl
Because I said I'd post more often.
I'm a cultural omnivore!

And I love this -- it should be requited before you get an Internet license. required for all

13th-Mar-2011 08:57 pm - More accurate than usual
Silly owl

You were born during a Waning Gibbous moon

- what it says about you -

You like to question things and have issues settled before going to work on a problem. You appreciate art, elegant forms, and efficient designs. You seek deeper meanings in things that you see and want your actions to make the world a better place.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at Spacefem.com

8th-Mar-2011 08:54 pm - Census meme
Silly owl
In 2011, I am living alone, with my cat, in a 2 bedroom condo in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2001, I was living in a 3 bedroom split level in the Atlanta suburbs with the two of my three sons who were still in school, and two dogs and a cat.

In 1991, I was living in a 3 bedroom split level in the Atlanta suburbs with my husband and three sons, and a dog and cat.

In 1981, I was living in a 3 bedroom split level in the Atlanta suburbs with my husband and one son, and a dog.

In 1971, I was living in a small college town near Birmingham, Alabama.

In 1961, I was living in a small town in south Alabama near Mobile, in my parents' house with my brother, my sister and a dog.

And that's it!
Silly owl
It's been months, nearly a year, since i made much of a post, and a couple of years since I posted regularly. Don't know if anyone out there still has me on their read list, but I want to put this out here for my own clarity.
Depression, then work changesCollapse )

Okay, I'm done with me, for now. Kids are doing well. I posted last summer for help finding a place fro #3 son and his wife to live in Chicago to attend grad school at Northwestern University. Thanks to the outstanding LJ Renn Faire brain trust, immediately wendyzski popped up - she loves in Chicago, is an NU alum, and is in real estate management, AND is a musician at Renn Faire. Wow. They got a place to live in time for the semester to start -- astounding. Rick's grad school is going well (Performance Viola) and he was complimented by the members of the Berlin Philharmonic Quartet after his quartet played for them in a masterclass. So cool!

Oldest son is a First Lieutenant in the Signal Corps in Washington state, back home from his third tour in Iraq. He misses the South -- Washington weather and people aren't his type. He smiles and waves at his apartment neighbors, and they hide in their car to avoid contact. A shock for a Southern boy.

Middle son is cooking and serving for Chef For a Night at the Shakespeare Tavern, and still loves his job. He's the last one in town, and it's so good to have one where I can still set eyes on him sometimes.

I'm going to try to post more often, whether of not I have comments. I need the clarity writing things out provides.
8th-Oct-2010 09:02 pm - Pride Parade closings
Silly owl
My Google-fu has failed me. The route of the Parade is posted prominently on the Atlanta Pride website, but I cannot find a map or list of exactly which streets will be closed and when.

Our annual volunteer appreciation party is Sunday at 1:00, right here on Peachtree a couple of blocks from the start of the parade, and I was hoping to be able to tell people where to park and how to get here. It's going to be beautiful weather, and the route will be packed, I know! We're sooo used to Pride weekend being in the summer, and this caught us by surprise.
4th-Oct-2010 06:13 pm - Spirit Day
Silly owl
Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

7th-Aug-2010 08:28 am - Huh.
Silly owl
Rephrasing my question made an interesting difference.

Read more...Collapse )
3rd-Aug-2010 09:45 pm - Ouch. I think it fits.
Silly owl
The question:
So, how to balance income and outgo, and have satisfaction and joy
Read more...Collapse )
1st-Aug-2010 01:36 pm - Any Chicago people out there?
Silly owl
My son is starting grad school in music at Northwestern University this fall, and hopes to rent a place in the Rogers Park area. There will be three, all musicians (viola and piano), sharing the space. They are all from GSU, and had a friend up there who was supposed to do the legwork, but she had a surprise hospitalization, and couldn't. As always, they can't afford to pay much and need to live near a transit line.

Anyone here from the Evanston/Chicago area with ideas or suggestions?

24th-Jun-2010 08:12 pm - All the cool gals are doing this
Silly owl
I wish!

Take Which Doctor Who companion are you? (girls) today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
You're Romana!

Silly Doctor. It's adorable, really, how hard he tries. And he is pretty brilliant, you'll give him that. But he always seems to overlook the obvious--including the fact that he's not the only Gallifreyan onboard, thank you very much. You are always calm and collected, and more often than not wonderfully witty, in the face of adversity. The Doctor knows he can count on you, even when you infuriate him!
8th-Jun-2010 12:09 pm - Cowboy BossLady
Silly owl
/Last week, the day before I was to have my scheduled two days off, BossLady merrily informed me that she was deleting inactive customers. "Don't worry," she said, they were set up when we got this software 8 or 10 years ago, and they've never bought anything."

Well, maybe.

Then she says, "And also the ones who have only bought a little, or nothing in the past 2 or 3 years."

"NO!" I say, "you'll lose all their history."

With a steely eye look, she says, "That's what we have all those back up tapes for."

*headdesk* But she said it would only be those who haven't bought in years.

So, I get back today, and a man's on the phone with one of our salesmen, and we say he has no account (You all know where this is going, I know), but he has an invoice we sent. I can pull up the invoice, but it displays Unknown Customer for Bill To and Ship To.

Luckily, he is a brand new customer, and I have all their info, but I cannot will not fix it until I show her what happened. Of course, she hasn't come in yet.
5th-Jun-2010 07:13 am - Don't I wish
Silly owl
GARF ends this weekend, and I haven't had the enthusiasm that is normal for me, but that's becasue I'm tired. It's taking my fulltime day job, plus weekends at Horizon and stray fillins at Theatrical Outfit to make ends meet, and none of thise is guaranteed to last. So, I asked this question:

You asked: Balancing income and outgo, and also have job satisfaction?

The Basis:
Ice cream, reversed
A soda jerk cheerfully puts the cherry on the top of a giant ice-cream sundae dripping with hot fudge, and offers it to the viewer.
Meaning: Do not delay. A good offer now will lose value the longer you let it sit.

The Situation:
Random, reversed
A long string of digits streams across the face of the card, against a background of paint splotches.
Meaning: You're not imagining it. What's going on really doesn't make any sense.

The Outcome:
A hideous and wicked green-skinned hag holding a broom is melting into a puddle. A girl with a bucket in her hand watches, alarmed.
Meaning: A surprising, and suprisingly mundane, means will solve your problem.

You may ask another question.

Reading from The Crowdsource Tarot.

17th-Apr-2010 09:27 pm - Half-heimers? Some-timers?
Silly owl
Whichever, I had a case of the stupids today. First day of GARF (Georgia Renaissance Festival), where I've worked for 16 years, driving myself and dressed correctly. 

So, today, I forgot a few items:
1.  The turn to the fair off the freeway.  Drove right past it LALALAL.
2. The bag with batteries and flash drive Terry was in dire need of, and that her husband deliverd to me ar 8:15 am.  Noticed that just after I realized I'd missed my exit.  Over 35 miles one way, and she needed me at the booth more than she needed that bag, so I didn't go back. On the other hand, if I had, I could hav gotten
3.  My bodice!  At least Gail had a nice large shawl to loan me.
3rd-Apr-2010 06:59 pm - Dipping my toe in the water
Forward momentum and balance

It's been months since I posted, and I've posted very little since last fall, when my laptop started having serious issues.  I had to spend most of my time in Safe Mode, with no audio, and even there, my keyboard was very, very flakey.  FaceBook (and some apps, oh the shame) are a lot easier to do if you cannot type coherently.  Now, I'm out of the writing habit, which need to be redeveloped.

Hm.  Still working as bookkeeper for wholesale industrial plumbing suppler, still working weekend box office at Horizon Theatre, and will still be at the GA Renaissance Festivial at Raven's Nest Herbals making catnip mousies, which means two months of working seven days a week. Oy.

Rick's Senior Recital was postponed last month because of icing in Atlanta, so it has been rescheduled to Tuesday, April 27th at 9:00 p.m.  Come one, come all! 

Still a volunteer captain at the Shakespeare Tavern, and now am bookkeeper and on the Board (how'd that happen?) of the Essential Theatre.   Working now and then as a substitute house manager at Theatrical Outfit.  Still a Christian, and I need to post about that someday (yes, I think evolution makes sense and does not contradict the Bible, is a first step). 

One big change coming is that a friend who has been down on her luck, is moving back to Atlanta and will stay in my spare bedroom.  We'll both have to adjust!

Your result for Which fantasy writer are you?...Collapse )

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