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I'm still here

Not sure I know how to post anymore, but I do lurk and read. Just applied for membership in a book group, and realized that when they look at my profile to see if I'm a bot or troll, it would be misleading.

I'll try to do a real post this weekend!
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I'm still around

And I need to complain, or narrate, or think, so here I am.

It's been a year, and it's not done with me yet.

1. Early November last year, the water heater died and drained all over the floor. I had to buy a new water heater (the old one was over 12 years old), and insurance covered the drying and new vinyl in the kitchen. They'd've paid for replacing the carpet in the spare bedroom, but

2. December, I took in a roomer, the week after Thanksgiving. Randy, a 60+ gay man, just needed a place to live and didn't care about padding under the dingy carpet, and I needed the money.

3. Flooring in kitchen finally replaced, and

4. Dishwasher died. Had to buy a new one in March.

4. Also, March, replaced A/C and furnace, using the rent money to cover the payments, planning to pay it off b the end of the year.

5. Late March, my ex developed liver cancer and was in ICU. Two of our sons live out of state so it was on me and the son who lives in town to drive back and forth to visit him and try to deal with things. The old man who was sharing the house was doing what he could, but he had no legal standing. Neither did I, of course, but I was moral support.

6. Ceiling fan in bedroom died and had to be replaced. Can't sleep in Georgia without a ceiling fan.

7. April and May, visiting ex in hospital. He was finally released to his home, because he refused to go to the one rehab facility who would take him. Living (sorta) in a dump, with the old man who's on full time oxygen.
Oh, and his stepson (son of wife #3), who he said he'd adopted 20 years ago? Ex broke the news to him On His Death Bed that he'd never gotten around to it. Sorry!

8. May 13, ex died in bed. Funeral arrangements must be made. None of the 4 sons had the money for cremation, so I put it on my credit card. Oldest was going to make the service arrangements, but he's out of town and hard to get hold of, so I ended up doing the planning of what psalms and all with the priest who was a buddy of ex's (for 40 or 50 years). Was told by life insurance company that Wife #3 was the beneficiary, and that ex had said no alternates, that the money should go straight to his estate. Did I mention there was no will? You guessed that, didn't you?

Service at end of May

9. About then, I started seeing small bugs in my kitchen. German cockroaches! Small and born pregnant, and horrible to get rid of. Start scheduling exterminator, who says will take 3 months! with bi weekly visits.

10. June, text roomer, who I hadn't see in a couple of days, on Friday. Wake up Saturday, realizing that he hadn't answered and he always answered. Text again, saying if I don't hear, I'm coming in. I didn't hear. Went him, and he was cold in bed -- died in his sleep.

Mutual friends helped clear his stuff out. No belongings, no kin, no will. Pauper grave.

11. July and August, exterminator return a few more times, but don't do anything but randomly spray. Bugs still marching.

12. Two root canals. Supposed to be covered by Medicare, but today, I see apparently not!

13. November, exterminator realizes I've refused to pay. I say, still have roaches. Send manager out. They've infested my refrigerator, stove, and microwave. I have to junk those appliances and have the kitchen and laundry deep cleaned. Yesterday, the junk people took them, Tuesday is the cleaning.

I've beat up the credit I do have, and am exhausted. Today, I have to take EVERYTHING out of the kitchen, so it can be cleaned.

I want to down size, but this is not how I'd thought to do it.

The last year I had with this much stuff happening was the year I turned 40. I turned 65 in February, and I hope it's another 25 before another like this, and I'll be dead and miss it.

Just needed to document it all.

I'm still here

It's been a week. Condo HOA annual meeting Tuesday, followed by working late the next nights for Inventory and Year End at work. Worked through lunch, and totally finished doing the year end closing by 5:00. woot. BossLady came around with W2s at 5:00, laughing merrily that she had til tomorrow to hand them out.

So. When I left work, I had prescribed myself port and good ice cream after supper. And I'm sitting here reading social media, and realized the cat was lapping my port! And when I shouted, full of aghastment, he knocked it off the table, and it landed on the floor right side up, with most of it still in the glass. Whut?
I still need that drink.

By the way, the cat is named Mayhem
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Autumn colors

The other day I was thinking about autumn and the changing colors, and remembered that the colors are present all along, but are masked by the green in the leaves, and then it occurred to me that that’s how society is to me. I grew up in Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s, never seeing children my age of other races. And foreigners? The girl whose family moved from Chicago to Birmingham was foreign to us. All I experienced in daily life and on television was masked by all being the same race. Now, it’s as if the masking has dropped and I can see all the differences, not just race and nationality, but all sorts of other differences.

I love this time of year, and I love that now I see more of the world and the people who are here with me.
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In search of faire music

A friend of mine here at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (GARF) worked at the Pennsylvania Renn Faire (PARF) about 20 - 22 years ago, and had saved her copy of the rehearsal tape. She loaned it to someone who turned out to be a major jerk and he threw it away.

I've steered her toward AFR on Facebook, but thought I'd put the word out here. In her words, it's the "faire songs tape recorded for the Bacchanalian acting company's use in either 1989 or 1990 by Alix Baillie, Karen Fleming, and Todd Fleming for the PA Faire."

Pass this along, if you would please! She's on my flist, and thanks you all. She really wants the tape or its clone, if anyone knows of a copy.

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Catnip mousies

These two adorable cartoon mice are courtesy of shadowycat who has a deft hand with pens, and a warped sense of humor about cats. And it is the banner for my shop on Etsy!

I've been making catnip mousies for Raven's Nest Herbals at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for ten years, and with my boothowner's permission and blessing, am going to start selling them on my own during the rest of the year. I made and sold over 200 of these beasties this spring -- twice what I did in 2003. The catnip is incredibly intense, and all the different prints and colors of the mousies are pleasant to handle whilst deciding.

I've set up a small shop on Etsy called the Listening Corner. It's a place holder, mostly, quick and inexpensive, but it is a place to see some of what I make.

Now, I'm looking for small local craft shows for the baby steps into selling on my own. Collapse )
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Halfway through 2011 GARF randomness

My new costume is not glamorous, but it is very comfortable and I am happy in it. It was time to cease being mutton dressed as lamb. I have had the rust linen in my stash for years, and finally put scissors to it and sewed it up! No time to do an underdress, and my old reliable chemise looked like underwear, not an underdress, but lo! and behold! I found an ancient green Heart's Delight chemise from my first years at faire and it works perfectly.

So far, we've had lovely weather, and it hasn't been truly hot yet.

Yesterday morning as I was driving around behind the site to get to the booth, I stopped and waved a costumed man across towards the jousters' lair, and he waved thanks. No big deal, no drama, but I noticed because it is so darned rare to get a thanks from people out in the normal world. I let people cross in front of me at the grocery, or merge in ahead of me in traffic, or step aside and make room in a hall, and thanks are rare. And I realized that is one thing I love about Faire -- we still connect as human beings even in that small way.

I saw a witty tattoo in our shop! Young woman in cutoff jeans, pretty but not attention-grabbing, had bows on the back of her legs, just below the shorts -- right where a garter would fasten stockings.

I had much more to write about, but will remember them later.